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Best Provinces to live with Family in Canada. 

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Best Provinces to live with family in Canada

When preparing to relocate with family to Canada, it is important to do extensive research on the best provinces to live with family in Canada. Canada has received great interest from international immigrants who are willing to try out new opportunities. With a present yearly intake of about 500,000 immigrants, Canada’s immigration industry reflects its long history as a nation of immigrants and is one of the most important immigration destinations in the world. With historically low unemployment rates and significant job vacancies, the robust economy of the nation offers plenty of work prospects for newcomers, which helps to explain Canada’s consistent GDP growth.

Canada offers more than 100 immigration programs, just for immigrants from the economic class. These programs are managed by the Express Entry system, which streamlines the process to permanent residency and draws qualified people from all around the world. A seamless transition and integration into Canadian society are also ensured for newcomers by the federal and provincial governments’ funding of settlement support services.

If you want to relocate to Canada, choosing a province is an important decision, you have to find out about the best provinces to live in. As a Nigerian, you will want to consider the experiences of other people and make more research in order to make an informed decision. There are so many things to consider before moving to a particular province in Canada. 

These are: 

  •  Employment rate
  • The community
  • Your profession in relation to the demand for the skill
  • Cost of living
  • Work experience 
  • Healthcare system
  • Your family
  • Lifestyle
  • Climate

Best provinces to relocate to:

Toronto, Ontario:

 Nigerian immigrants will find Toronto to be the most diversified city in Canada. It has a booming economy together with a lively cultural scene that includes the yearly Afrofest festival. Nigerian students would find Toronto to be a great place to study because it is home to several prestigious universities and colleges.

Though there are reasonably priced neighbourhoods in Toronto, living there may be somewhat expensive. Numbeo estimates that based on their lifestyle and location, a single person’s monthly cost of living in Toronto might vary between CAD 1,400 to CAD 3,000.

In terms of employment prospects, Toronto is in great need of project managers, web developers, doctors, registered nurses and business analysts. By far the province that attracts the most new immigrants to Canada is Ontario. in all the new permanent residents in Canada, Ontario will have nearly half by 2021.

Largest city in Canada, Ontario is also its most populated and one of the best provinces to live with family in Canada. Most arrivals who said Ontario was their preferred province of residence planned to settle in Toronto. With more than half of its population being members of a visible minority group, Toronto is one of the most urban and multicultural cities on earth.

Being the capital of Canada, Ottawa is the second most populated city in Ontario. Among the safest cities in Canada is regarded to be Ottawa. Additionally providing low living expenses and a high quality of life is the capital city of Canada.

Ontario has undoubtedly cold winters. Wintertime in some areas of Ontario can see temperatures as low as -40°. When summer arrives and the temperatures rise above 30°C, it all becomes worthwhile.

With 37% of the GDP of the country coming from its economy, Ontario is primarily dependent on its resources, manufacturing know-how, and export business. The province also employs around half of all workers in knowledge-intensive sectors like financial services and high-tech.


Ottawa, Ontario: Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and offers a diverse range of job opportunities in the public and private sectors. The city boasts a rich cultural scene, with various festivals and events throughout the year. Compared to other major Canadian cities, Ottawa’s living cost is relatively affordable. For a single person, the monthly cost of living in Ottawa can range from CAD 1,000 to CAD 2,000, covering transportation and food.


Vancouver, British Columbia:

 British Columbia is a province on the west coast of Canada, renowned for its breathtaking scenery. In 2021, British Columbia was the most often chosen province of destination for incoming immigrants, behind Ontario. Many people believe British Columbia is the greatest province in Canada for immigrants seeking better weather and outdoor activities.

Vancouver is the most travelled to city in British Columbia. Situated on Canada’s Pacific coast, Vancouver offers breathtaking vistas of the mountains and the sea. Major motion productions frequently shoot in Vancouver, which also boasts a flourishing art community.

Though it Is more expensive than in other Canadian cities, Vancouver is still comparatively cheap when compared to other large cities in the world. Depending on their location and way of living, a person’s monthly living expenses in Vancouver fall between CAD 1,300.


Calgary, Alberta:

Calgary, Alberta Another best place to live in Canada for Nigerian immigrants is Calgary. Calgary is a flourishing city located in western Canada, with high quality of life and a booming economy. It has a diverse population and is known for its welcoming community. 

Calgary is Alberta’s largest city by population. Located in the foothills of the stunning Rocky Mountains, This city is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and is also host to the famous Calgary Stampede & Exhibition, one of the largest outdoor rodeos in the world.

The city boasts excellent public transportation and is home to several prestigious universities and colleges. The cost of living in Calgary is lower than in other major Canadian cities. And according to Numbeo, a single person’s monthly cost of living in Calgary can range from CAD 1500 to CAD 2,000, based on their lifestyle and location. 

In terms of job opportunities, Calgary has a high demand for software engineers, IT analysts, and social service workers. Alberta is also known for its large deposits of oil and natural gas, cattle farming, Rocky Mountains, and Dinosaur Provincial Park. Calgary and Edmonton are Canada’s fourth and fifth most popular cities among immigrants, respectively, they are the top two sunniest cities in the country, with more hours of sunshine than any other Canadian city and  one of the best provinces to live with family in Canada.

 The abundant sunshine helps Albertans get through the winters – parts of the province can get as cold as -51 °C. Once the summer months roll along, temperatures warm significantly, parts of the province experience temperatures as warm as 35°C. 


Edmonton, Alberta:

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta and the second most populated city in the province. There is never a shortage of activities in Edmonton, a city that hosts over 30 festivals annually. Edmonton also hosts Canada’s largest planetarium and has previously held the title for the world’s largest mall. Alberta’s largest industry is the oil and gas sector, followed by industries such as agriculture, forestry, education, tourism, finance, and manufacturing. Alberta also offers lower taxes than the rest of Canada, making it the best province in Canada for immigrants looking to save money. Now is the time to move to Canada As Canada’s population ages and fertility rates drop, demand for immigration is high.

 Edmonton is one of the best provinces to live with family in Canada.It is a great place for Nigerians looking to live and work in Canada. The city offers a welcoming environment and a strong economy, with great job opportunities in various industries, including healthcare, technology, education, and engineering.

 Edmonton has a lower cost of living compared to other Canadian cities, with more affordable housing, food, transportation, and healthcare. Overall, Edmonton is an excellent choice if you’re seeking an affordable, welcoming, and vibrant city to live and work in Canada.


 Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Halifax is a fantastic option if you’re a Nigerian looking to live, study, and work in Canada. This welcoming and inclusive city has a small but vibrant Nigerian community, and the Nigerian Canadian Association of Nova Scotia is a great resource for support and networking.

Halifax has a thriving economy with job opportunities in healthcare, technology, education, finance, and more, — which makes it a great place to work and build a career. Additionally, the cost of living in Halifax is more affordable than other major Canadian cities, with lower housing, food, transportation, and healthcare costs. A single person can live in Halifax for around CAD 3000, including transportation, housing, and groceries, which is much more affordable than in Toronto or Vancouver.


Winnipeg, Manitoba: 

Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba and is known for its affordability and job opportunities. It’s a great city for Nigerian immigrants looking for a place to settle down and start a new life in Canada. One of the advantages of living in Winnipeg is its low cost of living. Housing, food, and transportation costs are affordable, allowing you to save while enjoying a good quality of life. 

There are also plenty of job opportunities in the city, particularly in the healthcare, manufacturing, and aerospace industries. Winnipeg also has a vibrant cultural scene, with festivals and events taking place throughout the year. The city is home to a large Nigerian community, which means that you’ll find it easy to connect with others who share the same culture and traditions. 


Montreal, Quebec:

 Montreal is a city with a rich history and culture and is known for its lively arts and entertainment scene. It’s a great place if you’re looking for a city with a unique blend of French and English cultures. The cost of living in Montreal is relatively low compared to other major Canadian cities, making it an attractive option for those who are budget-conscious. 

The city is also home to a thriving job market, particularly in the technology, healthcare, and finance industries. Montreal has a large Nigerian community, and many cultural events and festivals throughout the year celebrate Nigerian culture. The city is also home to many restaurants and shops that specialize in Nigerian cuisine and products.


Things you should know as an immigrant looking to relocate to Canada:

Security: High rankings on international democracy indices highlight Canada’s image as a stable democracy, providing newcomers with a safe place to live and prosper. In addition, Canada is clearly committed to safety; its cities, like Montreal, rank first in safety rankings and it is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world.

Health: Offering free medical treatment to both citizens and permanent residents, Canada’s universal healthcare system is one of the most alluring features of immigration there. Comparably enticing is the Canadian educational system, where Canadian universities often rank among the top in the world and immigrant students report greater literacy rates than their non-immigrant peers.

Culture: Legally recognized, Canada’s multiculturalism promotes a diversified and welcoming community that honours its complex tapestry of languages, cultures, and religions. Almost 200 different nationalities call Canada home, so visitors are greeted by a friendly atmosphere that celebrates variety.

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